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August 2017

401(k) Plan Summary Plan Description

Oracle's 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan offers you a way to plan for retirement and contribute to your long-term financial goals. You may participate if you are a regular full-time, part-time, or temporary employee working at least 20 hours a week and on the US Payroll.

Please review the Summary Plan Description (SPD) for Oracle's 401(k) Savings and Investment Plan    . You have a right to request and obtain a paper version of the SPD at no charge. Contact Oracle US Benefits at to request a paper version.

Access a helpful FAQ document HERE     | Watch the NEW Oracle 401(k) Overview Video!

NEW Benefit Offering: Rethink - Neurodiversity Support & Resources

Rethink's award-winning, research-based program provides support to parents raising children with learning or behavioral challenges, or developmental disabilities at NO COST. Parents can take advantage of live tele-consultation with behavioral health experts to answer questions and provide guidance as they support their children in reaching their top potential. Tele-consultations can take place over the phone or via video chat, day or night, weekday or weekend. Common tele-consultation topics include:

  • Teaching new skills
  • Addressing problem behaviors at home
  • Troubleshooting lack of progress
  • Collaborating with school and other providers
  • Coping with the stress of a new diagnosis or ongoing daily struggles at home

Rethink provides parents with a variety of resources, training and support in a simple web-based format. As a parent, you will have access to printable materials such as flashcards, worksheets, schedule templates and token boards. You can watch hundreds of easy-to-follow videos from an expansive library depicting behavioral health experts teaching children skills such as:

  • Language: from beginning speech to back and forth conversation
  • Socialization: from making eye contact and basic sharing to telling jokes and working in groups
  • Self-Help: from using utensils and dressing to brushing teeth, hygiene and doing laundry
  • Academics: from matching and following directions to answering reading comprehension and math word problems
  • Vocational: from writing an email to filling out a job application

Rethink is available to all Oracle employees at NO COST. Enroll here (this link is also used for ongoing login). Enrollment provides you with 14 hours / 12 months of tele-consultation with a behavioral expert available 24/7 by scheduling in the "My Coaching" section on the Rethink site. For general questions or assistance, please contact Rethink Support at 1.877.988.8871 (9am-5pm Eastern) or contact

To learn more about Rethink and how this new web-based program can help, join one of the upcoming webcasts. In each 45-minute webcast, you'll be able to ask questions and interact with a behavioral health expert:

Tuesday, August 8 - 10:00am Pacific
Wednesday, August 9 - 10:00am Pacific

Register for either webcast HERE | Set up your Rethink account HERE | Read FAQs HERE

Upcoming Holidays

  • Monday, September 4th - Labor Day

For the complete 2017 US Holiday Schedule, click here    .

Oracle Wellness: NEW Participatory Program “Hoof, Ramble & Rove” - Register NOW!

If you find yourself needing a motivational boost with regard to physical activity practices, it may help to keep a visual log of your activity. Consider participating in the Oracle Wellness "Hoof, Ramble & Rove” program. This fun program allows you to track ALL of the “movement” you perform each day. ALL types of movement activities count, including traditional exercise (walking / sunning / cycling, etc.) and non-traditional physical activity (yardwork / dancing / playing, etc.). Set a goal for yourself, and join the program today!

Read the program description     and print out your movement log    . If you plan to participate, please contact Oracle Wellness and provide the following information to register:

  • Employee Name, ID & Phone Number
  • Work Location
  • Current Activity Level (generally speaking)
  • Movement goal for the program (total "minutes moved" for the 2-month program)

For general Wellness information, visit the Oracle Wellness website     and/or check out the NEW Oracle Wellness "Mindfulness" video!

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