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January 2018

Notice the NEW Banner above? That's Captain Sully, Oracle Benefits Pet Ambassador for 2018! Oracle Benefits recently launched Pet Insurance through ASPCA Pet Health Insurance, and a photo contest was held as part of the introduction of this new benefit. Hundreds of Oracle employees submitted photos and through a random drawing, Captain Sully was the winning pet. For the next year, Captain Sully will be featured in Oracle US Benefits communications. Per his human, Marty Moister, Captain Sully, a Parson Russell Terrier, is four years old and weighs 21 pounds. He enjoys riding on Marty's boat (thus the moniker 'Captain' since he stands tall at the bow). Captain Sully enjoys chasing squirrels and playing with his favorite toy bear. While Captain Sully lives in Chicago, Marty tells us that he was actually born in Tennessee and therefore barks with a southern drawl. Congratulations to Captain Sully and Marty!

2018 Upcoming Oracle Holidays

  • New Year's Day — Monday, January 1
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day — Monday, January 15

Click the here     for the complete 2018 Holiday schedule.

Submit your 2017 Health / Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account Claims

March 31, 2018 is the deadline to submit your Health Care FSA and Dependent Care FSA expenses incurred last year. You may submit your claim(s) online at or submit the printed claim form.

Eligible expenses for your 2017 Healthcare FSA, and/or Dependent Care FSA must have been incurred by December 31, 2017, in order to count toward your 2017 contribution election. Up to $500 of unused funds in your 2017 Healthcare FSA will carry over into next year, for use against 2018 eligible expenses. Unused funds over $500 are forfeited. This carryover provision does NOT apply to the Dependent Care FSA. Claims received after the deadline will be denied. More Information

Oracle Wellness: Be Sweet to Your Heart! Complete Heart-Healthy Tasks & Activities

A healthy heart is a cornerstone component of living well. According to the American Heart Association, the following activities contribute to an overall healthy heart:

  • Reducing sodium intake
  • Participating in regular physical activity
  • Managing stress
  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Not smoking

Most of the above-mentioned items are well known for how they contribute to a healthy heart. Did you know that the biological and chemical factors that trigger mental /emotional health issues could also influence heart disease? Click here to learn more from the American Health Association.

With the abundance of information (and mis-information, unfortunately) at your fingertips when it comes to the internet, it is helpful to know there is also a wide variety of heart-health information available to you via Oracle's trusted partners:

Consider participating in the upcoming Oracle Wellness program "Be Sweet to Your Heart." This fun program will focus on completing heart-healthy tasks and activities across all dimensions of wellness.

Read more about the program here, and download a Heart Card. To register to participate, simply contact Oracle Wellness. For general Wellness information, visit the Oracle Wellness website    

401(k) Plan – Did You Exceed the Contribution Limit?

In 2017, the maximum amount that you may defer to any and all 401(k) plans was limited to $18,000. If you were age 50+ as of December 31, 2017 the maximum allowable amount was $24,000.

The amount you contributed to the plan is reported on your W2 in Box 12 (code D - for traditional pre-tax and code AA for Roth 401(k)). Employer contributions such as the Oracle match are not subject to this limit, and are not conveyed on your W-2s.

If, having reviewed your W-2s from ALL employers in 2017, you feel you have exceeded your personal limit, please contact Don Reich (Oracle's 401(k) and Deferred Compensation Plan Manager) at or 719-757-4132. Be prepared to provide him copies of your W-2s from ALL employers in 2017 so that he may determine if an excess has occurred. The deadline for any refund of excess deferrals is April 17, 2018. Keep in mind that any refund will take approximately one week to process so please make your request as early as possible. Visit the Oracle US Benefits Website     for more information about the 401(k) Plan.

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