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Oracle Wellness: Challenging Your Perception of Wellness

When you hear the word "wellness", what comes to mind, for you? For many people, immediate thoughts tend toward the negative:

Strict… Sweat… Pain… Dread… Ugh… Have to…

If these type of negative thoughts come to mind for you, regarding Wellness, they are important to acknowledge, and more important to scrutinize and challenge. WHY the negativity? Perhaps due to a negative past experience? Simply not ready / don't want to change current habits?

This examination of your thought process can be an important aspect of changing your mindset and perception of wellness. The descriptors above don't sound like much fun — who would want to embark on, or continue on a Wellness journey that seems so dreadful?!?

Try some of these suggestions, when thinking about Wellness —; it might be the small step you've been looking for, to continue on the path toward health behavior change:

Empowered… Strong… Motivated… Choice… Fun… Deserve to…

You deserve to be well. You deserve to feel strong. You deserve to feel in control. You deserve to thrive!

ARAG: Learn Your Legal Rights When You Fly

Summertime typically means higher potential for travel. Are you aware of your legal rights if bad weather, mechanical problems or scheduling issues ground your vacation plans? View these tips from ARAG to better understand your rights while traveling.

For more information regarding ARAG, click here.

New Health Advocacy Service Offering: CareCounsel

Through Oracle's partnership with Stanford Navigators, CareCounsel's health advocacy program supports you and your family through a toll-free number, staffed by expert health advocates. Member Care Specialists routinely:

  • advocate on behalf of employees in dealings with health plans and healthcare providers;
  • troubleshoot claims, eligibility and provider network problems to ensure timely delivery of care;
  • coordinate with multiple parties, including health plans, hospitals, medical groups, providers' offices, and collection agencies to resolve billing disputes;
  • help employees understand and choose a health plan at open enrollment;
  • coach consumers on effective healthcare navigation;
  • orient to wellness, EAP, disease management, work/life and other health management programs;
  • reinforce the knowledge learned during a call with proprietary healthcare tip sheets; and
  • support individuals who have a health condition with disease-related information and resources

To contact a Member Care Specialist, please call 1.877.519.6084, Option 2.

Click here for more information regarding CareCounsel.

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