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Oracle US Benefits Open Enrollment: Begins in Late October!

The annual Oracle US Benefits Open Enrollment period is coming soon! Stay tuned for detailed enrollment and 2016 plan information.

Join Live Webinar Health Talks Presented By: Dr. Ronesh Sinha

  • September 1 @ 10AM PT: Fatigue: Recharge Your Battery
  • October 13 @ 10AM PT: Optimizing Immunity: Preventing Colds, Flu and Other Common Infections

Access Information for Upcoming Events and Replays:
Click here.

Oracle Health Fairs – Coming Soon!

Oracle's annual Health Fairs are being held at the following Oracle campus locations. Be on the lookout for campus-specific information.

Oracle Wellness: Stress, and Stress Management in Today's Hectic, Overscheduled World

In our everyday lives, stress is all around us. It is unavoidable. Physiologically, our bodies cannot tell the difference between "GOOD Stress" (upcoming wedding, new baby) and "BAD Stress" (financial difficulties, relationship issues). To your body, a stressor is a stressor – plan and simple. It is your PERCEPTION of the stressor that matters. Attitude is everything.

The GOOD news is that our bodies actually thrive on some amounts of stress – it is needed to function properly. When stress levels exceed our personally determined comfort zone, stress management comes into play, in attempt to avoid negative effects of stress. Here are a few possible stress management ideas / techniques – try one or two on for size!

Whatever your preferred method, as long as you are doing something (positive) you enjoy, you are helping your body and mind manage your stress. To read more about Stress, and Stress Management, click here.

Innovative Human Centered Design Project | N CA and CO Participants Needed | Honorariums Offered

Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy (IC) Team has collaborated with Oracle US Benefits on a very new, exciting, and inventive field study project. Through structured and organized interactions, discussions, activities, and observations with Oracle employees, our key goal is to achieve a clearer understanding of what you and other Oracle employees expect, need, and want from Oracle sponsored medical plans, and how and why you may choose one medical plan over another.

In conjunction with our annual Fall Health Fairs – Kaiser IC team members will attend the Redwood Shores (CA), Pleasanton (CA), Santa Clara (CA), Broomfield (CO) and Denver (CO) Health Fairs to lead and conduct this important field study work. Participation in this study is voluntary – and your identity will be protected and remain confidential in adherence to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules. Your time commitment can be as little as 15-20 minutes – or as long as a 60-minute deep dive interview – you decide.

Sign up and play a role in influencing the future state of medical care! We are interested in all employees with special interest in new hires – or employees in their first year of employment with Oracle, or new to health care. In appreciation, all members of the field study will also receive an honorarium up to $75. Interested? Please let us know by sending an email to

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