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Oracle Wellness: Knowing vs. Doing

Most people know they should be physically active. Most people know they should take frequent computer / keyboarding micro-breaks throughout their work day. Most people know they shouldn’t eat fast food every meal of every day. So, if we KNOW all of this, why are so many of us not DOING any of it?

KNOWING is easy – DOING is hard.

Many people think that in order to be healthy, they have to change "Cold Turkey" and drop absolutely everything they enjoyed about old, unhealthy habits. Wellness is not all-or-nothing. Remember, moderation is the key. Start small, with an area you feel comfortable with. Let small successes build your momentum. Keeping this in mind makes DOING easier.

Are you an Engaged Healthcare Consumer?

Social Media is fast becoming a viable channel that allows companies to communicate with employee audiences in a secure and private manner. Read the full article here.

To that end, did you know that Oracle US Benefits has recently launched a page on Oracle Social Network (OSN)? Join today – and follow us!

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