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Oracle US Benefits Open Enrollment: October 26 – November 13

The annual Oracle US Benefits Open Enrollment period begins on October 26 and continues for three weeks! Everything you need to make your elections will be accessible on the Oracle US Benefits Website by October 26.

Oracle Health Fairs and Flu Shot Clinics

Oracle’s annual Health Fairs are in full swing! Click here to find a list of Health Fair and Flu Shot Clinic locations.

Oracle Wellness:  Doing Your Part to Prevent Colds & Flu

Some surveys show that Americans suffer a billion colds each year. Add occurrences of Flu to that, and the number is even higher! According to WebMD, here are a few things you can try, to avoid becoming one of those statistics:

  • Be physically active on a regular basis – even moderate activity can help boost your immune system
  • Wash your hands regularly – with soap, rubbing your hands together for the entire amount of time it takes you to sing the "Happy Birthday" song, TWICE.
  • Get enough sleep – being well-rested helps to keep your immune system healthy.
  • Eat for health – consume plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits that offer antioxidants
  • Consider getting a Flu shot – Flu viruses are constantly changing and new vaccines are developed each year to help protect against new strains of the virus.

For more information, click here.

New Employees – Prior Plan 401(k) Contributions

If you joined Oracle this year* and made contributions to your previous employer's 401(k) plan, you MUST report the contribution total to Oracle Payroll. Submit Online Template (preferred) | Download Form

* Disregard if you joined Oracle by way of an acquisition. 401(k) plan contributions you made to your former company’s 401(k) plan are automatically reported to Oracle Payroll.

Innovative Human Centered Design Project

Kaiser Permanente’s Innovation Consultancy (IC) Team has collaborated with Oracle US Benefits on a very new, exciting, and inventive field study project. Through structured and organized interactions, discussions, activities, and observations with Oracle employees, our key goal is to achieve a clearer understanding of what you and other Oracle employees expect, need, and want from Oracle sponsored medical plans, and how and why you may choose one medical plan over another.

In conjunction with our annual Fall Health Fairs – Kaiser IC team members will attend the Redwood Shores (CA), Pleasanton (CA), Santa Clara (CA), Broomfield (CO) and Denver (CO) Health Fairs to lead and conduct this important field study work. Participation in this study is voluntary – and your identity will be protected and remain confidential in adherence to HIPAA Privacy and Security Rules.

If interested, stop by and visit with the Kaiser IC Team at the Health Fair, for a short 15-minute conversation.

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